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Welcome from the President



I hope this correspondence reaches you in great spirits! As a Greensboro native and double Eagle, it gives me great honor to serve as the Greensboro Chapter’s president. It is my hope that you will partner with me to continue to uphold our alma mater’s motto of “Truth and Service”. Recently awarded, Chapter of the Year, I believe this chapter will continue to be a pillar of hope that continues to support and transform our beloved city and catapults the mission and vision of our national association.

As president, I am excited for the great works that we have ahead. I am most thankful for the impact that this chapter has had on my personal and professional growth. We are a chapter that is full of committed and zealous members. And on their behalf, I invite each of you on this journey to connect, engage and empower our city and NCCU. This website will provide you with the most current information pertaining to meetings, events, and initiatives.

Lastly, I would like to conclude this message with “ubuntu” which means, “I am what I am because of who we all are”. I hope that message resonates with you in some form and that you will offer your “Truth and Service” to our beloved chapter.


Monthly Chapter Meeting
Day/Date: 2nd Thursday of each month
Time: 7 pm
Virtual (Check Calendar for Zoom Link)

NCCU Yours,

SJ Carter

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